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Yes, that is one of the ways - to translate something from english into russian. Or other way round. I don't know, if I could write so.
Katya is sleeping in my room, my mom is deal with papers. And I don't really do anything important.

My dirst idea was to translate some russian articles into english. For example, from this site: www.adme.ru
Yyeeeesss, NOW , I'll start now)) 


Coca-Cola записала новый новогодний хит «Shake Up Christmas» в исполнении группы «Train».

Слова «Рождество», «Coca-Cola», «Санта-Клаус» очень тесно связаны с забившимся намертво во многие головы мотивом «Праздник к нам приходит, праздник к нам приходит...». И это лучший рождественский ролик всех времен и народов, который нам показывают каждый год.

Однако, Рождество 2010 во многих странах пройдет под новую, не менее заводную и праздничную композицию под название «Встряхнем Рождество».

Исполнитель нового новогоднего сингла Coca-Cola Pat Monahan из сан-франциской группы «Train» комментирует: «Для нас участие в записи песни не столько коммерческий проект, сколько большая честь и удивительная возможность подарить людям в этот праздник немного радости».

Песня впервые прозвучит на концерте группы в Лондоне, за день до официального старта предновогодней кампании Coca-Сola.

В Coca-Cola надеются, что рождественская песня повторит успех футбольного гимна Coca-Cola «Wavin' Flag», выпущенного специально для Чемпионата мира по футболу 2010 и ставшего настоящим хитом, возглавив музыкальные хит-парады в 17 странах мира.


"Coca-Cola" recorded the new Christmas song "Shake up Christmas" by "Train".
That words like "Christmas', "Coca-cola", "Santa Claus" closely related (assosiated) with the "The Holiday is coming" tune, that become stronger in our heads. This is the best Christmas video of all time and people that we're showed every year.
However, the 2010 Christmas will go with the new, at least clockwork and festive tune "Shake Up Christmas".
The singer of new christmas hit from Coca-Cola Pat Monahan from San-Francisco's group "Train" comments: ""


Trying new life - again?

Today I finally pass the global economy. It wasn't so difficult as I expect. But Yana helped me a lot.
Now I try to type and recognise that the biggest trouble is times at first and this lousy and so simple style of narration secondly.
The third big trouble is that I really don't know where I has to use commas. But it is a good attempt, sure?

Today is the twenty fourth of January, the month of this NEW and Perspective year had gone. Shit. When I think about exams, I become nervous. The great trouble that I have to solve immediately.

All my wishes about London. I relate everything with it. Ok, this is my weight, my love, photoes, english, new friends, my smile, meeting with old friends ( yes, I'm about Andrew). Misha has a girlfriend, they took a picture near the ocean. She is small and pretty. Margarita, Andrew's girlfriend, is very nice too. When I look at her photoes, I always remember Natasha.

So, my tasks to this week:
1. 3 exams
2. 5 lessons (2700 totally)
3. Diary - 10 records
4. English - start start just writing and speaking. And OPEN the tutorial.

Yes, this is my english diary.... Epic fail - I really know :(


what's this?

every day I promise sleep more
when will it end?
i just want to talk in english and to know it well, I want find people in London to become friends... Oh, I'll write not today, please.. I want to sleep so much...




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